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Elevate Your Images: Our photo editor offers an extensive collection of tools and effects to craft stunning photos, simplifying sharing with ease.

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Capture Your Vibe with Stunning Effects

Elevate your photos with presets for selfies, food, and travel. Add flair with Duotone, go bold with Black and White, or experiment with Pixelate, Stripes, Thermal, and XRay effects.

Refine Your World in Color

Harness advanced color correction tools including Tone Curves, Color Matrix, Color Controls, White Balance, Temperature, and Gamma to masterfully adjust the hues surrounding you. Elevate image clarity with precision sharpening.

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Craft a Focus Masterpiece

Unleash the art of illusion with potent blurring tools. Apply radial and linear blur, Gaussian and motion effects, or customize with a blur mask for captivating photo finishes.

Reshape Your Vision

Select the ideal aspect ratio to enhance your photo's composition. Utilize expert guidelines, such as the "rule of thirds," to masterfully craft your images.

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Encapsulate Your Feelings

Select the perfect frame to immortalize your moments and amplify their expression. Dive into a diverse palette of colors, strategic positions, and dynamic shadows for enhanced storytelling.

Optimize Your Creativity on Apple Devices

Embrace seamless editing across your favorite Apple devices. With our app, the pinnacle of photo editing technology is always within reach, ready whenever inspiration strikes.

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Discover the Intuitive Interface

Tailor your workspace for optimal creativity. Our interface adapts for an immersive editing experience, allowing you to focus by minimizing distractions with customizable element visibility.

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