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Photo editor provides a complete set of tools and effects for creating amazing photos and easily sharing them. 

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Express your mood with cool effects

Ready to use presets for your selfies, food, and travel photos. Turn your photo into stylish media content with amazing Duotone filters. Add dramatic effects with a preset of Black and White filters. Pixelate, Stripes, Thermal, XRay, and much more...

Adjust the colors around you

Advanced color correction tools as Tone curves, Color Matrix, Color Controls, White Balance, Temperature, Gamma. Increases image detail by sharpening. 

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Blur the illusions

Powerful blurring tools allow adding radial and linear blur, Gaussian and motion blur, as well as placing a blur mask on your photo.

Transform your reality

Crop with the aspect ratio that best works for your photo. Apply special guidelines, like "rule of thirds",  to the process of composing.

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Frame your emotions

Choose the best way to catch the moment and add more expressions. Various colors, positions, and shadows will help you.

Use your favorite Apple device

Supports various devices from Apple. Keep the best photo editing tool near at hand. Use it when you need it. 

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Explore the easy to use and friendly UI

Setup the interface for the best experience. Hide elements when you want to dive with editing & adjusting.

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